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Posterior Capsular Opacification Treatment

Secondary Cataract or After Cataract are the more common names for posterior capsular opacification, a common side effect after cataract surgery where blurry vision causes people to think their cataracts have returned. However, once a cataract is removed, it is not possible for cataracts to return. Posterior capsular opacification is a result of clouding of a membrane that surrounds the replacement lens implanted during cataract surgery. Cloudy or blurry vision symptoms may begin a few months to many years after surgery. Fortunately, this is easily treated using a YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser.

The doctors at Ophthalmology Associates can perform a posterior capsulotomy or YAG laser procedure which takes only a few minutes, and most patients consider painless. Once the laser procedure is performed, it will never need to be done again.  

If it seems that your vision is not as good as it was right after your cataract surgery, our doctors can evaluate to see if you are a candidate for a Posterior Capsulotomy. Your doctor will be happy to discuss the benefits and risks associated with this laser procedure.

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