We aim to break down any cost issues that our patients may have if they are considering LASIK eye surgery. Our LASIK center goes way beyond what other centers do to help our patients overcome this affordability issue. If cost is something that has been holding you back from vision correction you should really contact us as soon as possible to set up a consultation. Ophthalmology Associates offers 0% financing, on approved credit with low fixed monthly payments, no down payment and no pre-payment penalty.

Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! Individuals suffering from cataracts previously had only a mono-focal lens implant option after surgery. NEW premium lens implant technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery. If you are seeking the ReZoom or ReSTOR® IOL lens options in St. Louis the doctors at Ophthalmology Associates can help you decide which option is right for you! Ophthalmology Associates also has an accommodating IOL option known as the Crystalens®.

Find out if you can be a LASIK candidate. Take our LASIK Surgery St. Louis self-evaluation test and you will be evaluated and contacted by one of our LASIK coordinators to discuss your candidacy. If you meet the requirements of our test we will suggest an in person pre-operative eye exam. This eye exam is a complete eye health eye exam and will most likely be one of the most thorough eye exams of your life. We obviously take your vision very seriously at Ophthalmology Associates.

LASIK and Refractive Surgery

Overview Of Refractive Eye Surgeries
Patient information on refractive eye surgeries

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It used to be that when a person had blurred vision because of a refractive error, the only choice was to correct the problem with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, with new developments in eye surgery, dependence on these options may be reduced. Refractive surgery includes several surgical techniques, with LASIK eye surgery being the most well-known, designed to improve problems in focusing the eyes. While clearly not for everybody, some individuals certainly may benefit from refractive surgeries such as those offered by LASIK procedures.

In order to understand how the eye works, think of your eye as a camera. When you look at an object, light is focused, or refracted, by the cornea and the lens inside your eye. When the cornea and lens combine to focus an image precisely on the retina, then your vision is clear.

However, your vision may be blurred if the cornea, lens and the front-to-back length of the eye place the focal point of an image in front of the retina or behind the retina.

If the focus is in front of the retina, then a patient is nearsighted or myopic.

If the focus is behind the retina, then the patient is hyperopic or farsighted.

In addition, the image may be distorted if the cornea has unequal curvatures. This is called an astigmatism.

Refractive problems are solved by helping the eye focus light using glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery. The goal of surgical techniques, like LASIK, is to improve the eyes' focus by changing the shape of the cornea, and there are several ways that this can be done.

It is important for any person considering refractive surgery at our St. Louis or other Missouri locations to realize this is a relatively new area of medicine which is continually evolving as new techniques and instruments become available. Many people want to know if refractive surgery is safe, or if one method is better than another. It is important to understand that all surgery involves some level of risk, and no surgical procedure has a guaranteed outcome. These factors, as well as complications and alternative procedures, should be explained fully by the surgeon as they apply to your particular circumstances. The following refractive surgery techniques are currently performed at our Missouri locations: PTK (photo therapeutic keratectomy), RK (radial keratectomy), CK (conductive keratoplasty), PRK (photo refractive keratectomy), and LASIK (laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis).

LASIK Surgery St. Louis

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